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When receiving emails on the server, there may be a need for filtering specific email addresses that are coming into the server. Emails can be Discarded, sent to another email address, or delivered to a program with the User and Account Level Filtering. This tutorial will explain the User / Account Level Filtering.

1) Login to your hosting control panel

2) Navigate to the Mail > User Level Filtering

Email Filtering

3) In the Manage filters section, click the Manage filters link in the row of the email account that is having filters set up.

Email Filtering, Web Site Hosting, Web Site Email Addresses, Wyoming

4) Set the Filter name, Rules, and Actions and click Create. Below is a description of what each Option, Operator, and Action does. Highlighted options are the ones to use for beginners.

 Email Filtering


5) Cross check to make sure your email filters aren't blocking important messages by using the email trace tool.