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Get the most out of your web site! You only get one chance to make a first impression so get it right the first time. By following these hints and tips below you will be on your way to a successful web presence.

Update with fresh content frequently.
A visitor can tell when a site is stale and old. Avoid having old news and out of date content on your home page as this is a turn off. Try to keep your site current not only do your visitors appreciate new updates but so do google and other search engine bots in charge of ranking your site.

Integrate Social Media
Add a facebook or twitter feed to your web site. Social share buttons are also a great way to get your message out.

Advertise your Website
Phone book ads, business cards, all print advertising and whatever other venue you use to promote your business should now be the same place you promote your website. Be sure to include your web site address in all your business listings from this day forward. If you are a member of a chamber of commerce or a association that has a website and offers free links to your web site, be sure to take advantage of it. Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and strategically placed banner ads are also a great way to get noticed.

Direct Users to your Site
If you have useful content on your site that will help potential clients in making their decision on whether or not to use your services than utilize it. When a new customer calls with questions direct them to the web site even as you go over it on the phone with them. Your after hours answering machine is also a great place to direct them to your site.

Monitor your Stats
If you host with Waves Web Design, your website comes with a place to check how many web site visitors have visited. It is always a good idea to stay abreast of how your site is performing, if you are not receiving the hits you would like you can make changes. If you are doing any banner ad advertising this is a good spot to monitor if it was money well spent.

Add Dyanamic Content
Make your website more dynamic with videos, sliders, galleries, calendars and social media. Adding a few of these new platforms to your website can give your web site the life it needs. So start a blog or add a updatable events calendar and start contributing to the growth of your website.