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Sometimes we will ask you to send us a screenshot via email so we can see what you see on your screen. We often find that clients are not quite sure how to send a screenshot. It is actually very simple and easy to do. You will be suprised at how useful this tiny tool is.

In Windows XP and Windows 7 there is a handy little tool called Snipping Tool located in your accessories folder.

Lets learn how to find and use this tool now.

1) First go to the Start Menu.
2) Then go to All Programs.
3) Find the Accessories folder.
4) Click the Snipping Tool icon.
5) A pop-up will appear that looks like this:
6) Click New and Drag the Cursor across the screen over the area on your screen you want to take a photo of.
7) When you release your mouse after dragging it across the desired capture area a new popopen will appear showing the screenshot.
8) At the top of the toolbar you can then click File "Save As" or Edit "Copy" to either save or copy the image to the desired location.