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Web Site Security Measures

Are you afraid your web site could get hacked? You should be.

It's an unfortunant fact in the technology age that sharing data can leave you open to exploitation. One not-so-small issue associated with privacy, security and the internet deals with keeping your web site clean and secure. Hacking has made big news in recent years with big businesses from Sony to Target to Home Depot being targeted. Many small business owners don''t realize how big the risk for hacking is for their own business. I often hear from small business owners, "Why Would Anyone Target Me?" or "It's Can't Really Be That Big of a Problem." The scarey truth is that even if your business is not specifically targeted their are opportunists just looking for web sites that have not been properly maintained by their owner.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Well if your web site was built, maintained and hosted with Waves Web Design we have done a lot of the groundwork for you but there are additional steps you can and should take to supplement the measures we have in place.

1) Quality Content - Quality content is the best way to get search engines to your web site. Sure meta tags and key word density matters but the best way to get to the top of search engines is fantastic content.

2) Keep it Fresh - Do you still have events, pricing or dates on your site from 2013? Not only does this look bad but harms your search engine placement.

Wyoming Hosting and Email Tools

When receiving emails on the server, there may be a need for filtering specific email addresses that are coming into the server. Emails can be Discarded, sent to another email address, or delivered to a program with the User and Account Level Filtering. This tutorial will explain the User / Account Level Filtering.

Spam Assassin

SpamAssassin is an email anti-spam tool which works for any emails on your account. It marks spams so it is easy to notice. You can also configure SpamAssassin to automatically delete emails marked as spam.